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June 14, 2024
Greening the Screen

An Action Guide for Canadian Media Producers

Independent media producers are a critical catalyst for climate action. As the captains of film and television production, producers have a unique opportunity to embrace climate leadership that can scale and accelerate climate solutions in the motion picture industry and beyond.

We envision a future where sustainable production is not an added effort but the default mode of operation; where the Canadian film and television industry leads globally in sustainability, setting a high standard for environmental stewardship and social responsibility. In this future, Canadian producers, guided by a strong commitment to the planet and its people, integrate climate justice and sustainable practices into the fabric of their work, all while creating compelling content that inspires and educates audiences about the importance of sustainability.

This guide is a practical, shareable and actionable resource for producers and other leaders in the motion picture industry. It has been written by independent producers working with sustainability professionals and has been designed to apply equally across genres, company sizes and budget levels.

download the guide here