white text on green abstract background: Decolonial Toolkit for Climate Artists - how might climat artists act as allies at he intersection of decolonization and climate justice
December 8, 2023
Decolonial Toolkit for Climate Artists

The Decolonial Toolkit for Climate Artists is a straightforward document that addresses the intersection of colonialism, climate change and the arts. More specifically, the Toolkit aims to help artists consider their own cultural conditioning, confront the inseparability of colonialism and climate change, and develop a decolonial foundation for both the climate art field, and the arts sector more broadly. 

The Toolkit emerged from multiple sessions with TRAction’s 5-member Indigenous Advisory Council, including Chantal Stormsong Chagnon, Cole Alvis, Sandra Lamouche, Starr Muranko and Jacob Crane. Along with TRAction’s co-directors, Melanie Kloetzel and Kevin Jesuino, the Toolkit received key support from the four Climate Connectors of the Climate Art Web, Flora Aldridge, Mayumi Lashbrook, Nicole Schafenacker and Jen Yakamovich.

To view the document, in its entirety, please download it here