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Tomorrow is c\a\n\a\d\a’s National Day of Truth and Reconciliation – a day to pause in remembrance of the children lost and survivors of the residential school system, and recognition of the deep and lasting trauma inflicted on Indigenous families and communities.  We, a network of artists and cultural practitioners, who are committed to the fight for climate justice, also reflect on the profound interconnection between environmental stewardship and the imperative to acknowledge historical injustices faced by Indigenous Peoples.

This day also serves as a stark reminder of the long-lasting impacts of colonisation, reaching not only into our cultural and social fabrics but also irreversibly affecting our land, water, and ecosystems. Indigenous communities have been, and continue to be, custodians of our environment, their traditional wisdom offering invaluable insights into sustainable and regenerative practices.

Our commitment to the cause of climate justice is inherently linked with our responsibility to address the injustices experienced by Indigenous Peoples. 

Join us tomorrow in a moment of reflection and action:

Acknowledgment and Education: Make the time to learn more about the history and ongoing struggles of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Truth is the foundation of reconciliation.

Re-read all calls to action and justice:  the 94 calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (learn about their status 8 years into the process), as well as the calls for justice by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Solidarity and Support: Stand in unity with Indigenous communities by supporting their efforts to protect their lands and waters from environmental harm, which disproportionately impacts them – make a donation to Indigenous land and water defenders, join tomorrow’s day-long event “The Art of Honouring Land and Water” – in person or online.

Climate Advocacy: Continue our collective work for climate justice. Advocate for policies and practices that respect Indigenous rights and integrate traditional ecological knowledge into our climate action efforts.

Climate Justice: Join the collective commitment to equitable and just climate solutions. Advocate for policies and practices that uphold Indigenous rights and centre traditional ecological knowledge in land stewardship.

Cultural Exchange: Respectfully and authentically engage in cultural exchange and collaboration with reciprocity with Indigenous artists and communities.

As artists, we know how to inspire positive change through our creativity. Let’s channel our artistic energy toward building a future where climate justice and reconciliation are fundamental elements of a resilient and caring society.

In unity, truth, and reconciliation, let’s remember that together, we have the power to shape a more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate world.

The SCALE Team

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