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September 21, 2023
Top Tips for Climate Action

The DGC has a central role to play in making the Canadian film & television industry’s ecosystem more sustainable. The DGC National Sustainability & Climate Action Committee “NSCAC” was created in 2020 to examine the challenges and opportunities to achieve sustainable productions across all regions.

With representation across all caucuses, the Committee aims to empower DGC Members to progressively adopt sustainable practices on production sets or in the studio and assist our members in becoming “As Sustainable As Possible”, with the goal and understanding that this should make their jobs more efficient and rewarding.

The work of the National Sustainability & Climate Action Committee is guided by three pillars: Lead, Empower, Advocate. At the core of these pillars is the need to change the culture of filmmaking and screen production, mobilize the membership and become leaders in climate action.

As a collective voice we can join in a more sustainable way to create, work and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of productions – resulting in a safer, more efficient and rewarding environment for our membership.

This way the Top Tips!