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September 20, 2023
Creative Green Tools Canada (“CG Tools”)

The Creative Green Tools Canada (“CG Tools”) powered by Julie’s Bicycle CG Tools are a free set of carbon calculation and reporting tools that allow organisations in the arts and culture sector to record, measure and understand the impacts of their venues, offices, tours, productions, festivals and more!

They were created in 2009 by Julie’s Bicycle, and were designed specifically to be simple and accessible, and to motivate change in the arts and culture sector. Since the Tools were created, they’ve been continuously improved and updated based on feedback from the sector. They have been a key aspect of Arts Council England’s incredibly successful program to engage the arts and culture sector in environmental sustainability and reduce carbon emissions in the industry, and they are now used by over 5,000 organizations in 50 countries worldwide.

The CG Tools make it easy to measure your energy use, water consumption, waste generation and recycling, travel and production materials. The results can then inform your environmental strategy and organizational priorities.

The CG Tools can be used across arts and culture sub-sectors, including theatre, dance, museums, galleries, music, libraries, archives and more!

To access tools, user guides, and training sessions go the the CG Tools website.