simple graphic of a balance scale; words: climate justice for organisations
September 20, 2023
Climate Justice for Organisations

This guide introduces the concept of climate justice and outlines the ways in which it is relevant to the running of arts and cultural organisations in Scotland. This guide was developed with the assistance of two discussion sessions held with Green Arts Initiative members. The comments and suggestions made by participants have been integrated into the guidance below.

This resource was created in collaboration with members of the Green Arts Initiative and provides advice relevant to running cultural organisations.

This guide includes: 

The basics:

  • What is climate justice? 
  • Why is climate justice relevant to Scottish arts and culture organisations? 
  • How can you run your organisation in a climate just way? 
  • How can your organisation promote and develop understanding of climate justice? 
  • Further resources.

Advice on specific climate justice issues:

  • Class and wealth inequality.
  • Disability and long-term health conditions.
  • Immigration and refugees.
  • Intergenerational justice.
  • Race and ethnicity.
  • Remote and rural areas.
  • Sex and gender.

Access the guide here.