September 20, 2023
Art & Climate Justice

A report

“There is no global social justice without global cognitive justice. The epistemologies of the South do not question, in principle, the validity of modern science. They only refuse its claim to be the only valid knowledge, as well as the arbitrary split between sciences and arts. Social struggles rely, in general, on a variety of different knowledges already available, scientific knowledge included, and generate new knowledges as they proceed. As they combine and articulate different kinds of knowledges, they compile ecologies of knowledges. The epistemologies of the South aim at recovering and valorising such knowledges and the articulations among them.” Boaventura de Sousa Santos – Epistemologies of the South

To learn how the climate justice movement can engage in, with and through art, this report aims to learn from existing climate justice advocacy work that integrates art. The outcomes of this mapping exercise are used to understand how art campaigns impact climate justice advocacy and learn how art can mobilise and strengthen the movement through inclusivity, creativity, and innovation.
This mapping exercise was conducted through an online search and scoping exercise, combined with 16 interviews with artists, artist collectives and civil society organisations using art to advocate climate justice, and 3 donors. We identified 131 changemakers using art as a medium for climate justice advocacy. The types of initiatives, campaigns, platforms, or organisations include galleries and curated content, campaigns and pledges, programmes, and platforms or collaborations. The different initiatives have adopted a wide range of art forms, including visual arts such as paintings or photography, performance arts such as dance and music, and literary arts such as poetry and storytelling.

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